Saltwater Chlorinators

Poolside All Seasons proudly stock Hayward Pure Silk Saltwater Chlorinators.

Pure Silk Chlorinators by Hayward boast the latest technology in swimming pool water sanitation and clarification providing peace of mind and an enjoyable swimming experience to all bathers.

Pure silk are Australian Made, commercial grade chlorinators, come with a full 3 Year Warranty, and are available in 25, 35 or 45 grams per hour chlorine output.

Industry Leaders in Pool Water

Haywood has been a world leader in automated systems that use salt to create chlorine in the pool water. For decades they have been seen by many as the world’s best.

Now their patented Puresilk™ systems not only take salt chlorination to a higher level of technical sophistication, they also introduce a fully automatic dosing system to maintain water balance.

Together these systems provide a level of convenience and water quality previously unattainable in domestic pool water management. Talk to us today about what difference this technology will make to your swimming pool.

Chlorinator Cells, Trouble Shooting & Repairs

Poolside All Seasons supply all brands, makes and models of replacement chlorinator cells and parts.

Problems with pool water are generally the result of equipment failure or chemical supply, so we are aware that getting to the source of the problem is as important as fixing the obvious problems.

Our experience with chlorinators and tropical pool chemistry, along with our ability to source the right solution, makes Poolside All Seasons your best option to get your pool on track.

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